Research Topics

  • Design and implementation of image and signal processing systems
    • Video codecs
      • Complexity reduction in video coding (HEVC, VVC)
      • Low power HEVC video decoder
    • Approximate computing
      • Fixed-point arithmetic,
      • Mathematical function approximation for embedded systems
    • Energy consumption,
      • Energy management in MP-SoC
      • Energy optimization in reconfigurable dataflw applications


  •   Tampere University of Technology (Finland) : video coding
  •   Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain) : energy consumption,  video coding
  •   IMEC (Belgium) : design of fixed-point systems for Software Defined Radio
  •   EPFL (Switzerland) : approximate computing
  •   University of San Pablo-CEU : accuracy evaluation, fixed-point conversion

Funded projects

Phd Students

  • Justine Bonnot  (2016-2019) Error analysis for approximate computing systems
  • Florian Arrestier (2017-2020) Energy Optimization for Reconfigurable Dataflow Applications
  • Thomas Amestoy (2017-2020) Optimization of Parallel and Real-time Decoder for Versatile Video Coding
  • Alexandre Tissier (2018-2021) Encoders for Versatile Video Coding
  • Ibrahim Farhat (2019-2020) Design of efficient HW decoder for VVC

Phd Graduates

  • Alexandre Mercat (phd defended in december 2018) Complexity Control for Low-Power HEVC Encoding
  • Riham Nehmeh (Phd, defended in june 2017): Quality Evaluation in Fixed-point Systems with Selective Simulation
  • Erwan Nogues (Phd, defended in june 2016): Energy Optimization of Signal Processing on MPSoCs and its Application to Video Decoding
  • Mathab Alam (Phd, defended in february 2013) :  Power-Aware Adaptive Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Kartick PARASHAR (Phd, defended in december 2012) System level approach for implementation of DSP applications in fixed-point architectures
  • Andreï Biancu (Phd CIFRE – ST Microelectronics, defended in february 2012) A stochastic approach for the range evaluation
  • Hai-Nam NGUYEN (Phd, defended in december 2011) Optimisation de la précision de calcul pour la réduction d’énergie des systèmes embarqués
  • Shafkat KHAN (Phd defended in september 2010) Reconfigurable operators for multimedia processi
  • Nicolas HERVE (Phd, defended in march 2007) Contributions à la synthèse d’architecture en virgule fixe à largeurs multiples
  • Romuald ROCHER (Phd, defended in december 2006  Evaluation analytique de la précision des systèmes en virgule fixe